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Painters Need Sandpaper

One tool often absent from a painters kit is sandpaper. Rich Winkler tells us why sandpaper is an important tool that every painter should use.


Photos From an Elegant Historic Home

We know that you liked the video of the painting work  we did at this stately and elegant historic home, so we decided to post a few images of her for you to enjoy.

old town alexandria painter

paint historic alexandria home

house painter alexandria

Paint Prep Matters

Rich Winkler tells us why the preparation work in painting matters so much to the final and lasting quality of any painting job.


Historic Building: The Bank of Alexandria

Rich Winkler tells us about the work his team is doing on the Historic Bank of Alexandria Building, in Old Town. This building was built about 1790.

As one of many buildings in Alexandria that is on the National Register of Historic Places, Special care needs to be given to the maintenance and repair of the building, to ensure that the historical integrity remains intact.



Below is an image of the building from 1958, courtesy of the Library of Congress.

1958 photograph of the Bank of Alexandria. Image from the Library of Congress.
1958 photograph of the Bank of Alexandria. Image from the Library of Congress.

Winkler Painting at Convergence Church in Alexandria, VA

Convergence Church, in Alexandria, Virginia has very dramatic and beautiful tall window-walls in the sanctuary. These windows need a lot of attention for them to be restored properly, and maintain their dramatic beauty for years to come.

Comparison of quality paint work in Old Town Alexandria Homes

For your Saturday morning home remodeling, we take a look around a home that desperately needs the touch of a skilled paint brush, and Rich Winkler talks about this major house painting project just getting underway.

Rich then takes us to revisit a house painted 7 years ago by his painters, and compare it to it’s neighbor that had to be painted twice in that time.

Restoration work at a Grand Dame of Old Town, Alexandria, VA

Take a tour through the work being done to restore the beauty and craftsmanship to this great and historic home in Old Town Alexandria. From the outside portico to the inside trim, the attention to detail give this beautiful home the stately appearance she deserves.

House Painting in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Richard Winkler Painting specializes in high quality interior and exterior work, in the Old Town Alexandria, Virginia area.

The key to achieving a high quality, long lasting paint job, both on interior and exterior work, is in the preparation. Richard Winkler Painting exerts the greatest effort in restoration: scraping, heavy and fine sanding, repair of imperfections in plaster and drywall, removal of heavy paint buildup from problem areas (such buildup often causes alligator scaling and peeling), restoration of window glazing and caulking.

With a highly trained full time staff of skilled craftsmen, you can rest assured that we can handle any size job, with the utmost attention to detail. From the set-up to the clean-up, you will feel confident knowing that every detail will be attended to.