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Painting with Historic Views and Historic Homes.

Beautiful Old Town Alexandria is full of many historic homes and historic views. We take great care when doing interior and exterior painting, no matter the home, not matter the location.

We work on some of the most beautiful homes in the area.
Alexandria, Arlington, Bethesda, Chevy Chase or Washington DC.


Painting old windows in Bethesda

Bethesda house painter

If you are having your Bethesda house painted and want to retain your historic window frames, you might consider hiring a house painter who really knows historic homes. Rich Winkler Painting and Restoration has dedicated crews with many years of experience with old houses.

A typical day in Bethesda for Rich’s crew of painters is to chip away and sand old paint. Fixing ancient decorative plaster is also what they do all the time. The result of careful preparation of the surfaces is a long lasting paint job.

Please have us over to your Bethesda home for a free estimate soon!

How to properly paint Capitol Hill houses

painting contractor Capitol Hill
For a Capitol Hill house painter who really understands historic homes, look to Rich Winkler Painting and Decorating

It’s no fun spending a lot of money having your house painted, only to see it start peeling two years later. But it’s not really rocket science to understand what it takes to have a quality paint job. Use good paint, and prepare the surface well. Rich Winkler has been painting homes inside and out since 1970. His crews are actually his crews, not just temp workers hired the day of your job. Rich understands old houses, and historic homes and buildings! He takes great pride in seeing his paint jobs last for a lot more years then the average.

If you are thinking about having your historic Capitol Hill home painted, and you want it done right, ask Rich Winkler Painting and Restoration for a free estimate.

The Secret To Our Success

If you ask Rich why he decided to have his company specialize in top quality work, as opposed to doing inexpensive and lower quality work, Rich will explain that he is a perfectionist. If you use a company that does lesser quality work and uses lower quality paint, you may need to have a repaint job in two or three years. Rich says to expect his high quality paintwork to last six or seven or eight years. Rich is also proud of the expert wallpaper hanger and the expert carpenter he provides when necessary.



We work on some of the most beautiful homes in the area.
Alexandria, Arlington, Bethesda, Chevy Chase or Washington DC.