Winkler is a top quality and detail-oriented painting firm... you should choose Winkler if you want exceptional results.

Our Restorations Last for Years Through Any Weather

“In the summer, Rich’s crew restored the exterior of my historic home by stripping years of paint, hand sanding, and replacing the wood in numerous places. I had absolutely no damage to the exterior of my home after an impressive snow fall the next winter and I attribute that to the extraordinary exterior restoration of Rich and his crew. I cannot recommend Rich Winkler high enough.” – A.S. in Alexandria, VA

When you bring in the Rich Winkler Painting team, you get high quality, meticulous and long-lasting results. Call us today!

Painting and Decorating Classic Homes in the DC Metro Area

There are many classic, historic homes in the DC Metro area. Careful planning, the correct procedures, and the appropriate techniques all need to be considered when painting and restoring these homes. The Rich Winkler team has many years of experience painting, decorating and restoring rustic homes. Call us today!

Careful Consideration and Integration of All Surfaces in the Paint Project

Our team takes the time and work needed to consider and integrate all surfaces in the project. We refinish plaster walls, natural wood trim and original doors. The extra detailing on this step of the preparation results in a longer lasting paint job! Call Rich Winkler Painting in Alexandria, VA today!