Winkler is a top quality and detail-oriented painting firm... you should choose Winkler if you want exceptional results.

Plaster Repair and Painting Completed in Alexandria, VA

“The Winkler Painting team is great. They were very professional, the work came in right at the estimate they gave us, and they did a really good job with the work itself. They seemed to care an awful lot about whether we were pleased and that the new plaster matched the old plaster perfectly. We are very happy with them and will use them again in the near future.”
– Tina A. in Alexandria, VA
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Refresh the Look of Your Kitchen This Season!

Does the look of your kitchen need to be refreshed this season? The Winkler Painting team recently painted the cabinets for a client in Alexandria, VA. With our highly trained full-time staff of skilled craftsmen, our clients can be rest assured that we can handle any painting and repair job, with the utmost attention to detail.
Highest Quality Workmanship, Dedication to Satisfaction

In Need of a Reliable Painting and Repair Team in Alexandria, VA This Fall?

Fall is just around the corner! Are you in need of a reliable painting and repair team to complete interior work for your home? Winkler Painting is ready to take on your restoration projects this season! Our attention to detail and focus on proper preparation techniques will guarantee an exceptional result! Contact us soon for an estimate.

Repainting Exterior Window Trim in Alexandria, VA

“Punctual, friendly and hard working. They left our yard spotless after the job was completed. Winkler Painting did a beautiful job repainting our exterior window trim. Highly recommend!”
– Lisa N. in Alexandria, VA
Our focus is on high quality workmanship with dedication to customer satisfaction! For an estimate on your painting and repair work this Fall, contact Winkler Painting today.

A Top Quality and Detail-Oriented Painting Result for Your Home in Alexandria, VA

From preparation to the final coat, the Winkler Painting team is committed to delivering a top quality and detail-oriented result. The key to achieving a high quality, long-lasting paint job, both on interior and exterior work, is in the preparation. If you are interested in high quality workmanship with attention to preparation and detail, please contact us for an estimate on your painting and decorating needs in Alexandria, VA.

Home’s Exterior in Need of Some TLC This Summer?

“Our home was in need of some TLC. The Winkler crew meticulously prepared and painted the exterior of the house. The team was polite, professional and extremely responsive. Cristina was very attentive any time we had a question and was a pleasure to work with. We will use them again and I would highly recommend Winkler Painting.”
– Jim G. in Alexandria, VA

When you choose Winkler Painting for your exterior or interior painting and repairs, expect accurate estimates with exceptional results!

Power Washing All Surfaces in Preparation Before Painting

Winkler Painting offers power washing! We will remove the dirt, mildew and algae from all surfaces in preparation before painting. Does the look of your exterior and outdoor structures need to be restored? Contact our painting and repair experts soon!

Well Known Among Homeowners in the Alexandria, VA Area

What sets Winkler Painting apart from other painting and repair contractors? Our team is committed to delivering the highest quality workmanship with a focus on customer satisfaction. We are well known among local homeowners, especially owners of historic homes, for our work in interior and exterior finish restoration and painting of many fine homes in Alexandria, VA and the DC Metro area. Contact us via our form here!


Interior and Exterior Work on Alexandria, VA Home

“We were very pleased with the Winkler Painting team’s recent work both inside and outside of our home, where they took a lot of care and attention to detail to help us preserve our older home. The team was excellent – all very professional, punctual, and attentive to every detail I asked about.”
– C.H in Alexandria, VA
Our painters are the most professional, considerate and reliable craftsmen you will ever meet! For accurate estimates and exceptional results for your painting and repairs, contact Winkler Painting soon!

Painting Several Rooms for a Home in Alexandria, VA

“Winkler did an excellent job painting several rooms in our home, and we recommend them unreservedly. Our project required the painters to deal with some tricky geometry, and entailed very specific needs that might have been problematic for other companies. But Cristina and her team (Armando and Antonio) were not daunted; they worked with us on our terms and successfully navigated all the job’s requirements, with outstanding results that we’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come.”
– Will & Risa in Alexandria, VA
Our high quality workmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from others. For your exterior or interior painting projects this Summer, don’t hesitate to reach out to Winkler Painting!