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Inside the Sykesville Train Depot Restoration

As you sit at home, contemplating what you are going to do while snowbound for the next few days, We are showing you some great eye-candy to stimulate your senses. This is the historic train depot in Sykesville, Md. The building now houses a restaurant, but that doesn’t diminish the stature of this grand Victorian architecture on the National Register of Historical Places.

First up on this tour is the interior shots. You can see that there is a lot of moldings and trim. That always needs special attention, to keep the profiles sharp. Letting the paint coat the grooves diminishes the craftsmanship and beauty of the woodwork.


IMG_4045    IMG_4042  IMG_4039 

The plaster-work and stencil designs around the main dining room took a lot of time and patience for the original painters to do, and that work was replicated when the restaurant did their renovations.


What really is stunning is the original Victorian stained glass designs in the transoms and upper sashes of the double hung windows. This glass is a bit more fragile than what you would find in modern reproduction work, and so it takes a steady hand and careful attention, to make sure that there are no accidental chips, cracks or breakages to the window jewels.


Check back tomorrow for our next installment: Doors and Windows of the Sykesville Train Depot