Winkler is a top quality and detail-oriented painting firm... you should choose Winkler if you want exceptional results.

The Rich Winkler Team Takes the Time to Do the Job Right!

“I hired Winkler to paint my most high-profile rooms, because I wanted someone who would do the prep work necessary to make the intricate woodwork look good. Everything this company did, they did a good job on. I didn’t think my windows could be rescued without a total stripping and reglazing, but they managed somehow to make them look great in a day. The paint finish on the paneling on the walls and ceilings of the room I had them paint from scratch is smooth and free of flaws.”
– Alexandria, VA 22301

We take the time to do the job right! Contact Rich Winkler for your interior and exterior painting by the end of February and receive 10% off!