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Main Entrance of the Sykesville Train Depot

This is the historic train depot in Sykesville, Md. The building now houses a restaurant, but that doesn’t diminish the stature of this grand Victorian architecture on the National Register of Historical Places.

If you saw our previous posts on the historic Sykesville Train Depot, you learned a bit about the level of detail and care we have to take when working on a building of this type. (If you didn’t see them, click here for the interior, and click here for the doors and windows, and click here for the platform eaves and overhangs, click here for the gables and roofline.) This time, we are focusing on the main entrance.

Since the entryway is where first impressions are made, as in every other aspect of this building, we took pains to make sure it was well taken care up. From the tips of the eaves to the peak of the gable, from post to beam, and everything in between, we made sure that it will last for years to come.

IMG_3718  IMG_3720

IMG_4172 IMG_4174

IMG_4156  IMG_4150  IMG_4179

The time and effort it takes to restore these beautiful buildings is always worth it in the end, because they will last in all their glory for years to come.

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